Our professional barbers at Headzup  are more than capable in assisting you in achieving the hairstyle you desire.  We specialize in all types male grooming from scissor cuts to skin-fades.  We ensure that each guest which steps within our shop is greeted with friendly faces and quality treatment.  Our class A barbers also specialize in Beard Line-Ups, Trims, and all Beard Services. Eyebrow threading, shaving, and waxing are also on the list of services we offer. Additionally, we have all types of special treatments including face waxing, facial treatments, hair bleaching, and also Hair Lightening.

If for any reason you decide to dramatically change the design given during the service, you may be subject to an additional fee 

Beard Services

We use clippers and scissors at our shops depending on your beard style and what your preference is. Each of our barbers are focused and ensure that you leave with the beard style that you desire.  We offer beard trimming and beard line ups with our professional razors.  Book an appointment today at your local Headzup Barbershop and let us trim that beard for you!


Our professional barbers have had experience dealing with virtually any hair type and can help you attain the hairstyle you desire.  We offer tapers, fades, scissor cuts, and many other hairstyling options so that we can accommodate each and every individual according to their needs.  Each one of our barbers offer services and treatments that are unrivaled by those at other barbershops. So whether it's a simple cleanup or a full-blown makeover, our barbers have the tools and the trade to cater to your every need. 


Hair is unruly – and for men, it’s common for things to get a little out of hand. While a stray hair or two isn’t a deal breaker, unwanted hair between your eyebrows, in your nose, and in your ears can be both annoying and embarrassing, ruining what would otherwise be a truly excellent look. Thankfully, the stylists at Headzup barbershop have you covered. We’re proud to offer full facial waxing helping you control your hair wherever it’s growing. Our waxing services include:

  • Ears
  • Eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Beards


Our facial services can help you clear any unwanted blemishes and have your skin glowing once again.  Our facial services include a deep cleaning facial scrub accompanied by our high quality facial steamer which helps in opening up and cleaning out your pores.  We also offer charcoal face masks which removes impurities and helps your skin look more clear.

Eyebrow Treading

In addition to haircuts and beard trims, another hair removal service we offer would be eyebrow threading.  Threading is an all natural, gentle method of accurately removing unwanted hair for people of all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin. This method of hair removal is considered to be less painful, more precise and longer lasting than waxing.

Hair Color

Changing your hair tone, regardless of whether it's simply a shade lighter or hazier, can change your look, draw out your best highlights and praise your skin tone. Our barbers will work with you to help you achieve the look you desire, regardless of whether it's a straightforward root clean up or concealing.

Headzup Special Treatment

Ask for our Headzup Special Treatment

The Headzup Special Treatment is one of our most popular services we have to offer. With the Headzup special treatment we offer a haircut, beard trim, full face wax, and basic facial all bundled together.  So if you are trying to pamper yourself and get yourself looking and feeling right, then make sure to ask about our Headzup Special Treatment.