About Us


Hair is our specialty, of course. Cutting it, coloring it, Brazilian-blowout. Between that and their meticulous beard work, all the hair from your neckline to the top of your head will be taken care of. All barber shops work on hair, plenty more offer beard services, but where Headzup separates itself is in its other services. Between the available facial treatments, threading, and waxing, the shop doubles as a spa and will leave your skin looking as good as your hair. “I always wanted my shop to be more than haircuts,” owner Sam Bayazid explains, “I’m in the business of confidence. I want people to leave knowing that they look good, their hair looks good, even their car looks good.”  

That’s right, they wash cars at the shop too. More accurately, full-service detailing is available for your ride. “I love cars, I even have one inside my shop, I just love the idea of having your car detailed outside while you’re in here kind of getting detailed yourself, you know?” Sam said. 

“Look good. Feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, paid good. Paid good, live good.” This adage is at the core of his business, and it all starts with looking good, it all starts with Headzup. Sam said that’s why he and his staff have learned so many ways to help people look good. It’s also why he has his eyes on the future to expand his self-care repertoire. “I think nails are the next thing we’ll do, when we expand, other shops will have different specialties besides hair and beards,” Sam said. 

Sam is also working to develop his own hair care products to keep people looking healthy and well-kept when they are not in the shop that day. “I don’t want people to see this place just as their barber shop, Headzup is a culture of confidence. It starts when you come in for your first appointment, but it doesn’t end when you walk out the door,” Sam explains. 

Between haircuts, beards, beauty treatments, and even car detailing, Headzup has countless ways to keep you feeling confident. And while the number of services might catch you off guard, the top-notch quality of each one is of no surprise.